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12 Nov 2019
Photo color correction

What do we do with all the photos from the past?

This is sized as 12x24" to make a 12"x12" album

 What do we do with all those photos from the past?

Remember back fifteen years and long before. For generations we bought film for our cameras. Our special road trips, vacations and family holidays were captured on film. When, we returned, we hurried to our local drug store, dropping off our completed rolls of film to be developed. (another word from the past) A couple days later we would return to the drug store picking up our developed film, called negatives, and a print of each image we shot. There was no judgement about what should be printed. One of each. For many us it was a bit like Christmas. What a fun part of our culture, back then.  We sat down and opened the envelope to see how they turned out and to see where we’ve been.  What happened to all those prints?  Many were stuck into albums and some were highlighted with labels.  Others were stuffed into drawers or boxes and if you shot slides, they’re probably still sitting on a shelf at Mom’s or Grandma’s.

What do we do now? Now that were consumed deep in the digital age.  Most of our images are stored in our phones, hard drives, social media or the cloud. We are a culture that no longer makes prints.  However, the digital age can be the solution to our question of the past. Prints, negatives and slides can be scanned to a digital file. Even the prints that have unusual color shifts (especially from the 70’s) can be corrected to look close to normal.  Some of our favorites, with issues, like tears, scratches can be restored.

As we look at these old memories of childhood or raising children the prints seem to take on a different meaning since last time, we sat down with the photos.  If going through your boxes and boxes of photos is on the bucket list and you wish to get these organized. I suggest,

  1. Organize as a timeline, with notes of where and when.
  2. What was the occasion?
  3. If 2 or more are very similar, edit some out

These may be scanned, resized and created into new quality photo album as a beautiful legacy to be shared with the next generations…  Check one off the bucket list!


Before with color shift and after correction

Page sized as 12″x 24″ to fit a 12×12″ album


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